This two-day series of events, SCREENINGS + DISCUSSION, focuses on two conceptual threads that run throughout the exhibition, Frames of War: the psychological dimension of war and the representation of war by the media in the context of human rights. These events assume that attention to the psychological register reveals how deeply the domestic space, the space of the individual and his/her affective life, is implicated in war. Equally, they take the structure of media representation as a starting point for a broader investigation into how information is distributed, especially into who is not pictured.

In the evening on February 6th, Chelsea Knight screens The End of All Resistance, which juxtaposes techniques of interrogation in the military with techniques of negotiation in the home, teasing out a similar psychic architecture in both contexts, a similar social script. Helene Kazan then gives a presentation on her doctoral research into the spatio-political fantasies underpinning Lebanese urban planning, one part of which is her filmic contribution to the exhibition, entitled (De)constructing Risk: a Domestic Image of the Future. Knight's film and Kazan's research provide the ground for a subsequent discussion between them, mediated by Natasha Marie Llorens. They discuss to what degree each work pictures war as a psychological phenomenon, and what is at stake in this approach to representation.

The afternoon of February 7th begins with a full-length screening of Babylon, a film depicting a camp built to accommodate refugees in North Africa during the political unrest in spring 2011. A brief intermission follows with some refreshments and informal conversation, followed by the presentation of Left to Die Report by Brad Samuels. The project seeks to produce visibility for a ship left to float in the Mediterranean during the same conflict, and on which over 60 migrants died of overexposure and hunger. Thomas Keenan facilitates a conversation between Youssef Chebbi and Samuels based on his own work concerning media representation and war.


Friday, February 6th, 7 – 9pm
Chelsea Knight
The End of All Resistance (2010)
29 minutes.
Helene Kazan
(De)constructing Risk: a Domestic Image of the Future
Round-table discussion with Knight, Kazan and Natasha Marie Llorens on the relationship between psychoanalytic narratives and human rights discourse.

Saturday, February 7th, 3 – 7pm
Babylon (2012), Tunisia
Ala Eddine Slim, ismaël, Youssef Chebbi, co-directors
121 minutes
Brad Samuels of SITU Research
Left to Die Report
Thomas Keenan in discussion with Chebbi and Samuels on the relationship between media representation and human rights.


All events took place in the exhibition space:
56 Bogart Street 11206

Image: Helene Kazan, film still from (De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future, 2015.

Refreshments for the event on Friday eve provided in part by Hops and Hocks, a craft beer and cider shop, growler fill station and dedicated purveyor of the finest cheeses, cured meats and locally-sourced provisions. The project was also generously supported by the Bushwick Food Cooperative.