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2012, Tunisia
Ala Eddine Slim, ismaël, Youssef Chebbi
121 minutes

Between the Ras Jdir check-point separating Tunisia and Libya, and the town of Ben Guerdanne, there isn’t much except open countryside. During spring 2011, more than a million refugees of various nationalities and languages flocked to Tunisia, fleeing escalating combats in Libya between revolutionaries and pro-Gaddafi forces. Only a few weeks after the Tunisian revolution, a temporary town had to be built in the south of the country in order to accommodate the refugees as quickly as possible. The film tells the life and death of a Babylon.

Youssef Chebbi with Brad Samuels from SITU Research and Thomas Keenan, Director of the Humans Rights Project at Bard College
February 7th, 3 - 7pm

56 Bogart Street 11206


Ala Eddine Slim (Sousse, 1982) is a video artist and filmmaker based in Tunis. He has directed three short films, L’automne, Une nuit parmi les autres and The Stadium. ismaël makes video art and experimental films, working in conceptual and documentary photography as well as installations. He is also a poet, with a published collection entitled, Letters to death (Toulouse, 2009). Youssef Chebbi is a director, writer and composer. He directed two short movies, Heading North and The Depths, both in 2012.

Their joint project, Babylon, won the Grand Prix at the FIDMarseille International Film Festival in 2012 and the Universities Price at the DocLisboa International Film Festival, also in 2012, among others.

A conversation between Youssef Chebbi and Rasha Salti about the film is available here.